This is

AI for animals.
AI for agriculture.

Sweden’s 1st animal monitor AI provider

Our solutions

We are experts at developing algorithms based on computer vision and animal behaviors. We offer AI services that can turn dummy cameras into intelligent assistants that look after your animals 24/7 and interpret their body language to insight reports real-timely.

Easy plug-in

API services with no hardware

Reduce Antibiotics

Early detection of diseases


Higher animal wellbeing

Our Story

A startup with Vision

We believe in a world where all farm animals have the opportunity to express their natural behaviors, and to spend as much time as possible outdoors, living good lives. An animal-based agriculture that fits within our planetary boundaries.

Our team is formed by a group of LU & SLU alumni. We are an academically grounded team with an interdisciplinary background.  The core team members have 10+ years of experience.

Most Recent

News is listed top 20+ in the agriculture-ai sector among the 500+ top startups part of the first version of the European AI Startup Landscape!