The AI guard on your Farm

Our solution provides 24/7 monitoring of your livestock, interpreting your cows’ body language to address their individual needs and optimize resource use. 

Combining in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence and animal husbandry, Djurvakt seamlessly integrates efficiency and sustainability, paving the way for a future of precision livestock farming.

Overwatch the Important Phases

Each cow undergoes several vital phases that are heavily influenced by their environment. These phases have a direct impact on the cow’s productivity, health, and overall quality of life.  Powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI), DJURVAKT targets the unique benchmarks within each cow’s lifecycle.

By harnessing the power of AI and real-time data analysis, DJURVAKT’s features effectively address the challenges faced by farmers today. This comprehensive, sustainably focused approach provides the necessary tools to enhance profitability, streamline operations, and promote the well-being of contented cows.

Estrus Alert

Accurate and timely detection of estrus for successful breeding

  • Behavior Analysis embedded in Computer Vision Technology

  • Can identify 99% of heat detection signs within the herd, compared to the often lower than 50% detection rate of the normal human eye.
  • Recognize each cow on an individual level without the need for tags, bracelets or collars.

Why this matters: 

  • Cows bred at their most optimal time in their heat cycle have higher milk production, higher genetic potential and are at lower risk for reproductive diseases. 

  • 68% of recorded mounting events happen during the night, for an average of 3-7 seconds making them difficult to detect.

Tracks feed consumption to ensure all nutritional needs are met for the entire herd

  • Feed intake surveillance via computer vision technology

  • Charts and monitors total bunkline levels throughout the day

  • Alerts when levels are low and checks how often cattle are reaching for feed

Why this matters: 

  • Improved utilization of feed by one kilogram per year over a dairy cow’s lifetime would amount to reduction of 1.3 kg carbon dioxide emissions produced per cow per year  

  • Proper feed management lowers risk of metabolic diseases, such as ketosis and rumen acidosis.

Bunkline Reading

Next: Calving Monitor

Keep a close eye on the calving process, and be sure they are delivered safely and without complications 

Next: Growth Monitor

Identify the growth progress of each cow so they can receive the proper nutrition and are bred at the ideal maturity. 

Djurvakt AP[P


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