Our Technology

In general, our technology can be concluded as computer vision based Animal behaviour AI. It is made of complex algorithms and machine learning systems developed computer vision and animal data collected through cameras.


We Have One Goal

To empower precision livestock farming through AI

Cloud Services & Infrastructure
We don’t own any cloud, but we are the master of clouds. Our easy plug-in solutions are already on the clouds in the form of APIs. From AWS to Google, we have the experience needed to create scalable, secure API solutions that are precisely tuned for enterprises.

Customized Edge-AI Applications
The ‘brain’ of IoT is AI, and Edge-AI is the most secured and data-efficient device brain so far. Our cutting-edge developer experience and advanced hardware integration skills can help you upgrade current devices directly to the next level of intelligent IoT

Application Scenarios

  • Livestock Farming Optimization
  • Herd Health Management
  • Livestock Epidemic control
  • Food Supply Transparency
  • Animal Wellbeing
  • The potential is unlimited…

Our Mission

We accelerate sustainable precision livestock farming.

We believe in a world where all farm animals have the opportunity to express their natural behaviors, and to spend as much time as possible outdoors, living good lives. An animal-based agriculture that fits within our planetary boundaries.

cow, calf, young animal

Developed With Love

Founded in 2019, Animals.ai is operated by a group of LU & SLU alumni, we are an academically grounded team with an interdisciplinary background. The core team members have 10+ years of experience. The international team roots in the field of Computer Science, Telecommunication, Human-animal Studies, Agriculture, Communication and Machine Learning.

We have 50% female members on our management boards, and we will continue to promote gender equality in high-tech industries.

Want to join us?

Right now we have open positions for animal experts and business developers, and more positions for internship and thesis projects, feel free to drop us an email and ask for details!